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Account steam login issue

My main account is "Surena" I made it through my steam account though for the last 2-3 weeks I haven't been able to login due to it telling me to make an account. I've tried it within the site aswell same thing. How do i fix this?

Can you try disconnecting and then reconnecting your Steam account? Let me know if you're still having a problem after that.

I'm not sure what you mean by disconnecting, do you mean logging out and back in?

Once logged into your Plays account, disconnect Steam from it.

Then try reconnecting Steam back to the Plays account.

I can't login to my main account which was made through Steam after I put in my steam info for login for that account It just goes to ask me to create an account. so I can't do that

my original account name is "melome" and when i went to my app on pc it was log off. i tried logging on steam but also trynna make me a new account and that account is this one "melome1". how can i log back in with "melome" ? VERUN what u said didn't work By the way, well for me

 Same problem.

Everytime i try to login with my steam account there is popping up a little window

that tells me that i have to create a new account.

Problem solved!
I just clicked the "Forgot Password or Username" Button and i have reset my password (it sends an email to your email account) and now it works agian as usual :)



Can you make a support ticket, and then let me know when you've made it? LINK

I can help you get access to your account, but it's better to do it in a one on one conversation since it could contain some private account information.


If you made your account through Steam, it may work differently. You would need to do a password reset so that the Plays account has a password bound to it that isn't tied to Steam. I can help you get around this issue, but once again, it's recommended to make a ticket so it's more private: LINK

Remember to let me know once you've made it.


Glad you were able to solve it!

 Mayna's fix worked for me. Thanks for your help Verun!

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