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Plays Is NOT recording automaticallly!!!!!!!!

Hi ppl

Whenever I play fortnite or league of legends Plays isn't recording automatically (and yes i have the checkbox ticked to automatic recording)

The only way to get it recording again is to close everything log out of everything, then login again, its so annoying/ please fix this please.

And also Manual Recording isn't working either. I set a hotkey to manual recording, press the hotkey and NOTHING.

Can anyone help me?????

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Has League of Legends been the only game you've tried recording so far?

We can definitely take a look, but would like to see your client logs for recording issues like this. Can you send in a ticket through the "Help" section in your Plays App Settings?

Reply back here once you've sent it so I know to go looking for it.

Have the same issue. I have just submitted a ticket. Please look more into this! 

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