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Poor and Pixelated upload quality with 1080p

I record with 1080p 30fps @ 50 Mb\s onto an SSD. The quality and frame rate is acceptable when I open the video on any of my media players such as VLC or Media Player Classic. However, once I upload it to the site the quality appears to be 1/4 of what I recorded in. Most of the time I can't even tell what is going on in some clips as objects and other characters appear as smudges or pixels. 

I have the "Optimize Videos for Upload and Share" turned off and I have never used it. I tried doing 720p @ 60fps and 30fps to see if maybe 1080p is simply too much for the site, however it looked even worse. I've used anywhere from 10Mb/s to 50Mb/s and it all uploads terribly onto the site. Any help is appreciated, Thank you! 

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It really depends on what is happening in the video, but typically you're going to get some loss due to re-encoding and compression. Videos with lots of movement, you may start noticing some blurring because of the bitrate. If there is not as much movement, it typically isn't affected as much. Unfortunately, you usually will not get a 1:1 scale with Quality when comparing a source video with its uploaded counterpart.

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