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Multiple Audio Tracks

Hi guys. I just wanted to bring up a topic on the forums so that people at plays tv could maybe look into this area. Anyways let's get to it.

So, with the use of programs such as Dxtory and OBS I have been able to record using multiple audio tracks. Although this works very well with both programs, they are not as useful as plays when it comes to the fps that the programs use to run. The FPS drops are decreased incredible amounts using plays instead of the other 2. But multiple audio tracks for the recordings done by plays are not yet supported. I personally feel that these are needed.

I, as a content creator for both youtube and twitch, feel that support for this area could be extremely useful for content creators like myself. It would provide a lot more support for editing , e.g. lowering the application audio but increasing the volume of the commentator. 

I hope that the team at Plays can look into this and that theycan add further great support for content creators.

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