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Not showing my ingame recordings.

So after 5 hour long session it recorded only the start screen from csgo, not the actual game. I can hear sounds and microphone but not the game itself.

Does the video appear frozen, or only showing a few seconds?

Or is it just sitting idle on the menu?

Either way, we recommend making a support ticket for these type of issues we can go investigate them further.

I have the same problem after latest update!

We are aware of this bug and have already created a fix! This issue will be addressed in our next client update. In the meantime, you should be able to prevent this issue from occurring if you change the game settings to play in borderless-windowed. If there's too much of a performance hit, then we understand it's not ideal, but this was only meant as a temporary solution. 

Im not really interested in the input delay that borderless-windowed mode introduces.

But I will happily wait for the client update :)

Will you report back here when it is fixed?

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