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Audio lag/delay and frame tearing


After some time of not using due to lack of hard drive space I have finally been able to use it again, however the quality of the videos have dropped drastically, and I am unsure of the reason why. 

Example clip:

My PC specs are as follows:

Windows 10

i7-8700K @ 4.4GHz

GTX 1080ti 11GB

32GB RAM @3000MHz

Any potential fixes are appreciated.

Thank you

It looks like you are using our legacy client. Can I have you create a support ticket using the Feedback tool found in the Windows system tray? This will attach your log files so we can investigate the issue. Are you on a clean install of the client?

Apologies in the delay of my reply. Yes it was a recent installation, not long before the aforementioned clip was submitted.

I have now submitted a ticket via the feedback tool you suggested, attaching the log, as well as a link to this forum post

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