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Bugged record when alt-tab

The issue is when im going in-game (Hearthstone or Overwatch) 
starting a match, starting to record and when i die / w8ing for the enemy turn or what ever reason ~ im al tabing to chrome and doing stuff 
when im comming back the game runs fime and the bar telling me its recording 
however when i see the record its stuck on 1 screen and shaking, while the sound is perfectly okay. 

i understand its because i alt tabbed 
and even if im stopping the record / the game ends and i go chilling on youtube or w/e and when i go back to the game and start to record it will stuck on 1 frame and shake. 
the only solution i found is to enter the game, start a match, record, not going alt tab at all, finish the game, stop the record and if i will alt tab i would need to close the game completley and go back in, in order Plays. TV to record nice and pretty. 

long story short. 
im alt tabbing a-lot. i want to find a way to record and alt tab without anything ruining the record session 

We should have a fix for this problem coming up in our next update. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Same problem :(
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