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Can't install Plays.Tv

I can't install Plays.Tv, it ''installs'' pretty fast and when it's ''done'' it just closes down and that's it. I can't find it after that.. I'm on Windows 10 (64).

Do you know if this is the Plays Beta version, or the legacy client?

(Plays Beta downloads automatically from the download page, while the legacy client requires you to manually click on the link)

The legacy client is what I can't install.. I manage to install Beta but I like the old one.. When I wanted to install it, it just closes down..

I would ensure that it's not being blocked by a firewall or antivirus. I believe it already opens as Administrator so no need for that step.

Do you remember specifically at what step it fails?

After i download the setup and start it, the bar that is I think supposed to show the progress of installation goes all the way to right/end, and there it just closes down..

I just re-downloaded and reinstalled the legacy client to try it out.

First I got this image: 

Then very soon after it looked like this:

After that, it finished the installation. So this doesn't appear to be a wide-spread issue since I can't reproduce it.

Does anything appear in in your Playstv appdata folder?

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