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Watching replays from the client


When I go on the new client, it's sometimes impossible for me to watch the replays of my games, I just have a black screen (cf screen). This happens quite often and on every videos (no matter which game I want to watch).

Do you have a solution ? :-/


I'll handle your issue in the ticket you made. We'll need to determine which issue is causing a black screen.

I have the exact same issue. It seems i have troubles connecting to the local api (aka localhost:9000).

It takes a long time to retrieve my plays, and again a long time to retrieve thumnails

Sorry for the double post, my replay library finally showed up, i deleted up to 30 replays and it became smooth, so maybe too much data is killing the local server?

@Shuzu Your issue should actually be fixed now. But let us know if you're still having problems.

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