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Black Screen.

 Every time I record a video it give a black screen. Seriously send help.

Thanks for letting us know about the issue you're having. It looks like you made a ticket 4 months regarding the same thing. We had requested log files but never heard back from you. Are you still experiencing the issue or did it disappear and then come back?

Either way, creating a ticket with logs attached is the best method for us to help you with this type of issue. If you need instruction on making a support ticket, let me know. You're also welcome to let me know here once you've made a ticket so I can go looking for it.

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I don't know how to make a Ticket with logs, may you please tell me how to do it so I can finally use this thing? (It's pretty lightweight compared to OBS.)

 Alright I think this is it.

You can try 2-3 easy enough things to see if it helps:
  • Disable Windows Game DVR
  • Reinstall Plays
  • Run Plays as Administrator

See if that helps at all.

By the way, to make a ticket go to your Settings in the App and choose "Help". Fill out the info there and that will create a ticket.

 Alrighty dude I'll try to reinstall plays but I'm telling you I've done 2/3 things and it's not working.

That's fine. Let me know the results once you've tried them all.

Alright, the fact that you've said something I haven't seen from you dismisses my suspicion that you're an automated message delivery system. :D

I've tried all of the recommended steps to take; uninstalling, disabling W10's Game Bar. I tried to lower the settings but that didn't work. I have VCE 1.0, could that be the issue?

It shouldn't be an issue since we can support VCE 1.0

However, I may need to see your dxdiag. You can send it to me in one of two ways:

1. (Preferred Method) Create a Support Ticket through the Plays App (Settings > Help). That will provide me with new logs since you've disabled Win Game DVR, but it should also send me a copy of your Dxdiag.


2. Create a copy of your Dxdiag and paste it here. Keep in mind this is a public forum post so anyone can see what is posted here.

Alright I think I sent it.

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