Forum Shutdown


I am announcing here that Plays will be shutting down the forums here on our Support Portal effective immediately. We do want to thank everyone who took part on these forums; sharing your ideas, insight, and helping others solve issues. However, you may be asking why are we shutting down the forums? There are a few reasons:

1. Spam

The Forums are a great place for users to openly post what they want regarding Plays, which typically consisted of Feature Requests, Issues, and Questions. However, we have found that Spam will typically flow in rapidly, causing us to have to clean it up. We had put up some functions of trying to block Spam, but this was at a cost of users being able to talk freely without Agent intervention to "okay" the messages. As a result, we were "Spam-free" but replies to posts, and even new posts, were delayed. 

2. Avenues of Support

Looking at how many branches of support we had, we found the forums to be rather lacking. We already have social media (Twitter, Reddit, Discord), but mostly importantly we still have the ability to send in tickets which contain user logs that we use regularly to investigate someone's issues. While we don't want to arbitrarily lower where users can get support for no reason, we found more often than not that for most problems we would need logs anyways. Even now, we still recommend the best method of getting support is to make a support ticket.

3. Focused Support for Issues

I feel like this is the most important reasoning for why we're closing the forums. On our Support Portal page, you are able to type in what your problem is, and various subjects about it (based on keywords) would appear to help you with your issue. Unfortunately, this included both forum posts and support articles. As a result, searching for a specific issue could get flooded with forum posts about the subject, and not see the article. For example, if you were to search for problems regarding recording a Black Screen, you may get several forum posts about it with no solution, instead of being able to find the article that helps with some steps to solve it. It was also fairly common for someone to find a very old post regarding an issue with similar symptoms, and then to post on it saying they have the same issue. However, even if an issue has the same symptom, it may be vastly different now than it was a long time ago.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but we welcome you to contact us through our ticketing system, or you can visit our Discord server HERE

We thank everyone for their love and support over the years on these forums!

--Plays Team

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