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how to upload more than 1.30min?

I have recorded some large videos but I can't upload them it says just max is 1.30 min but I have see users who have uploaded 30min large videos How to do that?

It sounds like you're trying to upload using Raptr/AMD!

We have an update coming soon, but in the mean time, you can always download the client and import the video from Raptr/AMD and upload it through that.

Need help with doing that?

Oh thanks for answering I have downloaded playstv application but didn't install it Yes trying from raptr to upload videos So u mean if I will install playstv app I can upload more than 1.30min right?

Yes! Client will be able to upload larger files.

(So will the new 4.4 Raptr / AMD client coming soon!)

LOL. I can't upload more than 30 seconds. It says "create a clip". Very funny. Always getting 30 sec max length while trying to mark 20-30-40 min of the video. The whole system is looking pretty easy to handle, but it's really much harder than any other video capture software. I'm just so tired of this.

first you have to set a pin in the beginning of the clip. then set another pin near end or you can adjust from right of clip sub menu " should be yellow in color, " and adjust up to ten minutes on yet i am going to try downloading from raptr now ... ty 

So is there a way to create and upload longer clips?

Mine seems to be locked at 1 minute.


You'll notice on the right-side of your image that there is a zoom function:


It appears to be zoomed in all the way. You will be able to upload larger portions if you zoom out.

Let me know if that does not work for you.

I have uploadet an hour and i can only see 2 minutes of them WTF ?!
can anyone help me ? :(


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