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Record mouse cursor?

PlaysTV currently doesn't seem to record the mouse cursor, which is a real bummer when it comes to recording strategy games since the absence of a cursor can be pretty confusing for viewers.  Is there any way to force it to record the mouse cursor, or can we expect this functionality in a future version?

Thanks in advance.

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Srry for being a bit of a necro, but i dont think anyone has found a clear solution yet. Something i found out is that if the game is recorded as "unknown game," the cursor actually shows up for some reason.

(2.14 MB)

When i record  some "Unknown Games" i still don't see my beautyfull cursor :C

Any update on this? is there a fix yet?

This feature was implemented into not too long ago. By default it should now record your cursor, with an option to disable it. 

no.....i recordedd a video yesterday...and amd gaming evolved didnt record the mouse.

The client, not the AMD Gaming Evolved client.

but amd gaming evolved has the client build in it? or at least i think it has

It is it's own definition of recording that uses technology. However it is not as up to date as the stand-alone client and is missing some of it's unique features.

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