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Help with World of warcraft works on all Blizzard games except World of warcraft.

When I start the game, the hotkeys are not displayed in the corner.

Even if I click on them, nothing happens.

4 people have this problem

Me too, plz help.

Yes, this is also happening to me...someone help

yeah, what is happening with this? i have opened up a few conversations with raptr and plays, and neither of them can follow through with an answer... 7 months on this? no one has answered? wtf?


Same for me, it works fine with Diablo 3 and Hearthstone but not world of warcraft. Also other games such as rocket league, league of legends, etc etc. These games all work fine except for wow? 

I'm also having this issue and have been for months


Found it to work decently if u don't run wow from the bnet laucher. go to wow folder and run as administrator wow64.exe , then you can use see the overlay when u use bookmark in the game.

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