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Video-Capturing disabeld

I already have installed the client and connected it with the gaming evolved client, but it still says "video-capturing is currently not available on this system". Can you help me?

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I have this problem too. Windows 10 64x (Build 10130), 6 GB RAM, AMD Fx4300, NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti

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same here i have windows 10 build 10130 i unstalled until this gets fixed. mine specifically says that i dont meet the minimal system requirements for the software to work.. reply please

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Yes, it works =)


 Mine also says that i dont meet the minimal system requirements for the software to work. is there a solution to this?

same problem here. solution please :/

Same problem here - if you could post the solution that'd be great :)

Same here. Running Windows 10 saying my system does not meet the minimum requirements.

Any fix yet?

It does not work with build 10162. Works only on build 10130

Exact same issue here, and I find yet another post like this with absolutely no resolve. I've seen similar posts like @iEugene reverting back to a previous version. How does one find a previous version of the client?

@joncazier - Getting to a previous version can sometimes work, but it's very quick to want to update, and since it's so tied to the website there is a chance that some things may not work. I have responded to your ticket though so hopefully we can figure out what is happening. 

Yeah I am having the same problem here. I have made sure i have all of the mostt recent drivers.

Current Hardware:

CPU: i5-3470s 2.9GHz ( 4 CPUs)

Graphics Card: GTX 970 (Drivers updated on 3/1/16) Gigabyte G1 Gaming



SDD: 250GB

Current error message being displayed is- (Current system does not meet minimum requirements)

@TylerSTD - We may need to look deeper into your issue. Sometimes for Nvidia cards that should obviously be meeting requirements, I have found that reinstalling the drivers and cleaning out older ones work well. Try doing that, and if it continues, would you be able to make a ticket using this method?

1. In the Windows notification tray, go to the PlaysTV icon and right-click on it.  Choose Help, then Feedback. 

2. In the new window that comes up select a category, input your email address (this is where responses will be sent) and then put in a description of the issue you are facing. Please be as descriptive as you can.

3. Add a checkmark to the "Send log file (for technical problems)" box.

4. Before you click on the 'Send Feedback' button, let us know that you have posted in the forum.

5. If possible, reply back to this forum post to let us know that you have sent it so I can go looking for it. Thank you!

HI hola from argentina. i run in APU  A10 7850K. and NOT record video in games..not start..I SELECTED f2 and other keys..and NOT record games...any help??THANKS !! GRACIAS!!!

@METALxxx - For specific issues regarding games not recording, I'd recommend making a ticket with logs attached. Since this isn't a wide-spread issue, it's better for us to work one-on-one to resolve your problem.

To send logs you just right-click on the taskbar icon, select Help > Feedback, fill out the info and make sure the checkbox is selected.

I will also be locking this topic to prevent further necroing.