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Has anyone experienced a BSOD with Plays.TV on AMD GPU?

I was using Plays.TV the other day while playing TERA and all of a sudden, I got a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) on Windows 7 64-bit. I am using R9 270X and have 8GB RAM with an i7 processor. This is the first time a BSOD has happened to me on this computer, ever and the only new software I installed was Plays.TV.. I would have attached the error dump from Windows but I accidentally used CCleaner and it cleared all the error logs up. I was just wondering if anyone has had this happen to them?

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@BeardedBear - Have you tried reinstalling your video drivers? Does it state in the BSOD specifically what is crashing? Does it only happen in CS:GO?

If you have not done so already, and if it happens again, can you send in a ticket with logs so we can investigate this? 

To send logs you just right-click on the taskbar icon, select Help > Feedback, fill out the info and make sure the checkbox is selected. Post back here to let me know you have sent it. 

BSOD R9 280 It's happening around once every hour when I play CS:GO


@EgoistCat - Making a ticket would be good to figure this out. Additionally, when it does Blue Screen, make sure to look up which file is crashing or what error code is displaying specifically. Thanks!

Just wondering if anyone has found a fix yet. I have reinstalled, updated all video drivers and am at the most recent release of the BIOS for my motherboard. The problem is the same, first game crash, then bluescreen on relaunch (unless I close the process in taskmgr)


Im too having this issue, Keep getting this error after a black screen Application plays_encoder_ has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware.

@raichu1903 - I'd recommend making a ticket with logs if you have not already. Make sure to post here once you have done that so I can find it easier. Thanks!

@chronovarience - I recommend doing the same as above. We definitely want to look into BSOD issues.

Additionally, for both of you, if you can find what exactly is crashing during the BSOD screen, that would be helpful.

Ok, I had(have?) this same issue running Win10, MS-7577 790FX, 8 GB, HD7X(x2), with DualGraphics/Crossfire disabled. I run multiple displays with secondary coms(vent) and an open wiki page; alt-tabbing can be a pain in the butt. For me the fix/Band-Aid was just biting the bullet and running with a single display and Dual Graphics enabled if I'm going to run the client; haven't had a crash yet.

I have R7 370 and same problem.Please fix this problem.

Why is this STILL a problem? I've had major issues causing games (SMITE, Xcom EU and Heroes Of The Storm, maybe a few others, haven't noticed yet) to become unplayable and crash resulting in a BSOD about 20-40 seconds after the black screen ends with the message "AMD Display driver has stopped working and has recovered." in the bottom right of my screen. I recently reinstalled the client after seeing this thread only to have my games start dying nearly instantaneously on launch, even faster than before.

^ Just an update. It seems the same issue that I described previously has started occurring again. I've had to disable the Plays.TV client as of now since I haven't found a fix.

^ Just an update. It seems the same issue that I described previously has started occurring again. I've had to disable the Plays.TV client as of now as I've found no fix.

I got in touch with a Plays.TV staff member on Reddit and brought up the issue:

I've reinstalled the client and haven't experienced any crashes or bluescreens since.

I tried reinstalling Plays.TV but I still get the same crashes and BSOD (see my post above).

Anyway, if you want to run Plays.TV without BSOD, you have to download newest version of Plays.TV client. That worked for me :)
I have reinstalled my whole PC (trouble with game) so I can't tell you what is better but I think overwriting old files will be enough. Just try it ;)
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