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Mac Availability for Plays.TV

Is there any chance there will be a beta available for all of us Mac users in the future? I love this website and everything it offers, I just wish I could upload my own videos :(

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yea i'am on a mac and i can't use the program becouse the file is a .exe and i can't open it ç.ç 

please do a mac version!

We need  a mac version pleasee!! 

We hear you! This has come up a few times from other sources. 

Thanks for the interest, we appreciate it. It's taken into consideration.

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well.. guess i will have to wait for the mac version patiently then.... 

as you can see there is an audience out there who likes gaming but also an apple fan because of their beautifully designed OS / nicely crafted machine / or people that are sick of windows  


I would love a mac version please. I just heard about this on the Trinity Force Podcast and am really excited to use it.

I would love a mac version too I need it so much :/

PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!??!!? I can't show my plays :(

Im still waiting for Mac version .. plzz

I must show everyone that it's not my fault I'm in silver!:P

I'm here to join the #TeamMac Please, make a client for us *u*/

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Dear is there any update on this? I figured this would be high on priority to help your customer base. You have thousands of players waiting for an update and your last update was a year ago. Please let us know.

There is no update. We currently do not have a Mac client on the road-map for development. However, that does not rule it out for the future. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

And now ? Just 1 year later ? After 2 years asking for ?.........

Nope, still nothing. It's unfortunately a lot of development, resources, etc to create something like that. Right now we're focusing on making better, rather than trying to open it to more platforms currently. 

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