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Why no download option

I think we need download option so we can download our recorded games after we have uploaded them hope someone here me

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If I may pop in, until something like that gets implemented, can I make a couple of suggestions [of workarounds]? 

One thing you can do, is to use Firefox as your browser, and do a Search in the Addons for "video" and "download" or similar phrases. There are multiple Extensions to choose from, where it can save a stream of video 'coming down the pipe' from the Intertubes (save a video on the page you are viewing). 

Another thing you can do, is to use a screen recording program (Bandicam, OBS, etc) and record the video playing. On a high Quality setting, it will give you a decent copy of your video to work with. 

[Legal: please don't use these ideas to bypass Copyright somewhere - sorry I have to say that :P]

Note that once you upload a video file, it is usually recompressed into a smaller bitrate for Streaming purposes (most video sharing sites do this), so it will be of lesser Quality than the original recording - but, these methods can at least 'give you your video back' to work with.

Hope that helps, good luck with it!

I have awesome news for everyone looking at this! THIS IS ALREADY PART OF THE CLIENT!

Note, this will only work if you do not delete your clips after they are uploaded.

  1. Select the recorded session in your client

  2.  then click on the clip you captured (It will say uploaded on it)

  3.  right click on that, View in folder

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yeah, i delete my folder regularly so i can save space on my hardrive, but i have some funny clips that i want to post to places like funnyjunk, what do i do then? i need my file back so i can post it everywhere...


I delete each game after I get the videos I want, now I want to upload it to youtube and it look like there is no way to do from the website. at least save video would help

^Upvote - Same situation as Gubbels, want to upload elsewhere after videos are already deleted from my HDD.  An option to transfer directly from the website/account to YouTube would be excellent, and if I could at least re-download my uploaded videos, I could get them to YouTube, etc... that way.  

P.S. Thanks for fixing the forever scanning for games issue

I was absolutely amazed at and been telling all my friends to DL it but wow this feature has not been added after 2 years? This is something that should of been done long ago.

+1 would like to see this feature implemented

how do i doownload

Well the feature has been implemented now (if you're not aware).

To download a video, you would find the ellipsis (...) on the video and then choose: Download Video


You guys are doing good things! Keep it up. Thank you. I will let my friends know!

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