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Can't change hashtags or video title after upload?

Is it just me or am I retarded? I can't edit my video title or hashtags at all. 

Anyone else have this issue or had it?

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I have the same problem the video records but when it comes to editing, it wont work and uploading to Facebook or twitter doesn't work or even my profile for that matter, if you found something let me know.

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It's not just you, TinyBabies!  The ability to change the descriptions, title, or #hashtags is not yet implemented in the website. Sorry for the confusion here.

The workaround way to change those descriptions is to delete the video from the website and re-upload it with a different title or other content.

Been six months... any progress on this feature?



I want this edit feature please and this topic has been around for a year now; seriously

OMG Seriously , i thought it was just me too , because how can this not be a NORMAL FEATURE?????

i am freakin tired of having to redo videos over and over from a mistake or something i want to add in title , or it didnt upload and play in anything over 480 res

I also can't find it, just so stupid you can't made small type and now I cant change any more? It feels like such a basic feature to me?

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