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[Feature Request] Renaming / Labeling Videos After Recording

I really wish there was a way to label (in the client) and/ or rename (the actual video's filename) in when viewing your list of videos and replays. Maybe right when you finish recording and the client pops up, you can turn on the option to ask you what to label the file as. Or even better, just let me right click on a video and rename/label from the context menu there.

After gaming for a few hours, switching between games, making different highlight videos, starting/stopping recording, etc... When I come back the next day, I have a bunch of videos and I have little idea what they contain.

My current method is I eventually have to go back through and re-watch them, then I use "open file location" and manually change the filename.

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Would be great to rename clips!

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Yeah i would really like to be able to rename my clips lol, whenever i post it its like im in the moment and i wanna get it over with. When i come back to the clips it sounds cringe and i wanna change it lol

Annoying to see all "highlight 1,2,3,4" etc... still can't rename vids in client....


I speak on behalf of all that is good, please do this!

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