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How to delete video

 How do i delete videos that i have uplosded to

i uploaded a couple of short test videos to see the difference in resolution

now i want to delete them but can't fins any options to do this

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We apologize for the delay. 

You can delete a video by going to the video you have uploaded (so that it is playing) and then you will find in the bottom right corner a button with 3 Dots. Click on it, and there will be an option to delete a video:

There's no such option in the menu, just a report button.

Well it seems like your account is deactivated. As a result it wouldn't have the options to delete a video. Which videos are you trying to delete?

No it's not deactivated ,thanks Verun seems you delete the video from sorce the one place i didn't think of looking lol anyway getting them deleted now thanks

You're welcome!

Although I didn't do anything :p

However, must have been looking at the wrong account or so. Either way, glad it's working for you and let me know if you need more help.

i only have the one account , i forgot the pass one time so logged in thru raptr where i am Acidman and it changed my user name i think lol


Gotcha. Well glad it was resolved!

Note: I'll be locking this topic since it's very old.