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i installed it and it wont open when i try to open it again it says its already open then i close it in task manager and i try to open it again nothing happens please help!

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same here, client doesnt show up in the taskbar even thought i see it in the

process list.

admin install.
no error message other than  the client is already open

Getting the same Win7 install

same for me and I also have windows 7.. shows up in process list but the client never pops up. really weird..i would love to try this program out but I can't if the thing won't even open :x


same here i have windows 8 though.

Using windows 10 and I have the same problem.

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Similar issue, I just installed and the client only opened for 20 seconds before closing.  Now I can't get it to stay open for more than 2 seconds before it closes.  Tried reinstalling twice.   Windows 7 as well.

Has there been a fix yet? I've been having the same problem for a while now and I've run out of options on how to fix it.

Same problem with windows 10 x64 bit. I recently downloaded it and it won't open because it's already running but in task manager or everywhere else is says it's not open.

Same here, I'm using Windows 8.1 64 bit version

I have windows 10 and tried reinstalling a couple times. It never worked. The icon shows up in my task bar but I can right click it like the other icons. I also see the process is running but it doesn't open anything at all.

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also having this problem - any solutions? Seems to have started since i installed LSI

I guess they are just ignoring this problem, or this thread just isn't popular enough.

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It's an issue we're still looking heavily at, but it's a very random case that we have been unable to reproduce effectively. If you have not already, we recommend making a ticket regarding the issue.

i have the same issue

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