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How to setup League Of Legends recording

I can't seem to find any setting for me to record, succesfully recorded 1 hour long of Borderlands, but it took me some time to connect my account from LOL to replaystv


Windows 8.1 Pro x64

100Gb free disc space

Already running with compatibility for Windows 7 (had to do this in order to link my LOL account)

GTX 460

I played on fullscreen, borderless and windowed, nothing so far.... 

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Same problem here.  I checked the specs and it says it has to have a nvidia 600 series or higher to record.  I have a 560 and the games i have tried so far from steam all record and show that it is recording, but for me League doesn't work.  Is it an inconsistency or are the specs given in another post those required for higher intensity games, like LoL, Smite, Crysis 2, etc.?  That would be a good distinguishing mark to make.

Windows 7 Pro
300 GB of Hard drive free

gtx 560ti 

I've got a GTX 670 and have tried League of Legends and H1Z1 - nothing records. I've tried both windowed mode and fullscreen thinking maybe it was a problem with game detection to no avail.

Well, after restarting my computer it records h1z1, but not league of legends.

Hi guys,

I'll try to give some good information here.  It sounds like there are two different questions here, one on hardware requirements and one on detecting gameplay to record video. 

  It looks like everyone here has gotten some recordings to work, so your hardware can perform software recording. That's good. But your system specs are being benchmarked before recording begins, so it's not going to be available all the time. You're on a bit of a 'bubble'. The recording is set at a low priority to preserve gameplay, so when your system can't handle the load, it is unavailable.

   My advice is to make sure your drivers are up-to-date, and that will perhaps change things. The hardware recommendations are a guideline to get fast hardware recording with NVENC-enabled cards. NVENC was released in March 2012, so that is the hardware we shoot for in order to preserve gameplay, offloading the capturing to the video card. The GTX 670 mentioned above will probably be using hardware rendering, but the 460 and 560ti lack the NVENC to do hardware capturing.

   We have many LoL players, so here are some things to try to get LoL detected:

If it is the normal install of League, from the League of legends website, it should be detected. My path to it is C:\Riot Games\League of Legends. Is that where yours is?

Is your copy of Legends a mod or a foreign version? We may not have detection for it.

Restarting the client may fix the issue.

Drivers are not really a factor if detection isn't working. But it is for recording.


I hope this helps!

Occasionally h1z1 doesn't record, but it starts recording after i restart the client. League of legends  never records and is not a foreign or modded install, but in a custom directory on a different drive (same as h1z1 though). Drivers are the latest and i have a high end PC (i7 920 3.6ghz), while gaming i hit 20% CPU at most.

H what if my league of legends folder is on an external hard rive? What do I do to make it recognise that folder


Click on the space: link in  the bottom left corner, it opens the recording settings, maybe set it to manual and see if it works

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