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Corruption when uploading, audio but just a green screen?

As you can see from this video: the video is not working as it should i have tried to upload this particular section of my gameplay multiple times.

How do i fix this, i really want/need this clip.

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Have the same problem, before was working fine.

@sazzas - This might be a new problem we haven't come across. Although we always recommend reinstalling video drivers, etc. 

If that doesn't help, can you create a ticket by right-clicking on the taskbar icon and then select Help > Feedback? If possible, can you also provide me a copy of the video so I can see what it's showing?

I'm having the same issue since it updated the other day. It says it's all recording fine, but when I go to watch it at the end of the game it's just a green screen with audio. Not sure how to fix. 

@toriFIC - Yeah, we are looking into this issue heavily to see why it's happening. 

For those with this issue, here is what I would like to help us figure this out:

  • Create a ticket with Logs through the feedback system after recreating this issue with a new recording.
  • See if it's happening in multiple games, or just specific ones.
  • Let us know what resolution you play those games in.
If you have any questions about the above points, let me know and I can clarify. 

 got same problem and at preview it shows perfectly. only after upload it gets corrupted.

video specs:

length: 01:58

Frame width: 1920

Frame height: 1080

data rate: 11950kbps

Total bitrate: 12142kbps

Frame rate: 30 f/s

@TarnD - I notice there is an intro created in your Plays video. Can you let me know what changes were made to include that, or any other alterations that were made? Thanks!

Intro i have created by adobe after effects, i've montaged couple of videos with sony vega pro 12

only thing could be changed its frame rate from 21 to 29 or 30 f/s
Ok its not frame rate corupting it made couple videos with different frame rates and still the problem is here. one more thing when i play my videos in software (before ill save it to its showing perfect so there must be problem in saving mode.


@TarnD - I went ahead and responded to the ticket you made! Thanks for doing that!

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