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League Video not showing Key Points


I am connected to league of legends through However, when a video finishes recording there are no marks of key points or game information. Its just the video and the editing . Is there a setting i missed or is something wrong.



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I have the amd evolve built-in, when it record (it did not work in all matches) there is no filter button over the play.

And when I do this steps ( there is no screen instruction. 
I also do not get a filter button after i record. The only thing i can think of is that client does not recognize the recording as coming from league of legends. Which makes no sense because i have a lol account connected in the settings. I would really appreciate any other help. thanks.


HI everyone just wanted to close this thread. I submitted a support ticket and got some good feedback. Unfortunately i think the problem stemmed deeper than the client itself. It took me a full reformt at to fix, but that could have been for other reasons related to my computer. However, one note that i will throw out there that i installed both lol and the client on the same drive and it worked. So if you have them installed on different drives that might be contributing to the problem. Sorry my solution isn't very helpful, but i got it to work.


I had the same issue. I fix it by turning the other linked account under setting off and turn on on the acc I play.


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