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Give us the ability to edit the tittle after posting the Play.

That would be awsome to have an edit button to modify the tittle of your Play. 

i missed adding some #Hashtags :DD

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We agree! It's on our list of things to add to help our users modify their videos. We don't know when it will be implemented.

  In the meantime, you can always add new #Hashtags to a new comment on the video. 

Thanks for the feedback!

I'm amazed this hasn't been implemented already. 

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+1 to this feature. I had a typo in my title/description and I cannot edit it. It's driving me crazy. : (

Still not working? I have 700 videos and there has been some typos. Please add this feature


I would love to see this feature added as soon as possible please.
The only way to correct and incorrect title is delete the video and re-upload with a corrected title.


Another +1. I just started using this platform (it's awesome can captures VR pretty well!) and I made a typo in a title. Was surprised that I couldn't find a way to edit it, which let me here.

We're actually looking into adding that fairly soon. There is a few other things we want to hop on first, but it's definitely close to implementation I believe.

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