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hello my client is not saving any games,it does not detect that im playing even if i turn on the capture manually,anyone with this problem?

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 same thing happens to me. works fine with rocket league, gmod, csgo and other steam games

Same for me, My account is aparently conect to but when the match start it have an error and doesnt record the game 

(sorry for my bad english)

same problem here - tells me its recording when i enter a game, but breaks some way through and records nothing. Anyone found a solution to this? I tried reinstalling, still happening.


I opened a ticket about this... it has been "processing" for 7 days. Doesn't seem like they care enough to bother.


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Still "processing"... 18 days later.


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i am having the same problem anyone have a fix yet?

YES! Fixed. Had to turn on the highlight recording option

purevmonter, where is this option? 

For the love of God

Please stop replying if you don't have any useful information. "Same problem here" does NOTHING for anyone. Just give your upvote and check in later. If no one posted an answer, don't ask if anyone found an answer!

In my case it recorded LOL but not CS. I play LOL at 1080p and CS is lower resolution bcs i like it like that. I just changed de resolution in CS to 1080 and it records. ( sry 4 my english)

Same. Very buggy at all and recording not work. In "settings" any options of quality is grayed out. Even login work bad. 

Really amd, you worst. 

Good one - its another reason buy nvidia 1070 or 1080 soon and forgot about useless amd software. 

has anyone found a solution to this yet? i havent been able to use for months now because mine wont work

Same issue, it seems to save most my games, but games like Rainbow six siege it saves like 2mins of it then drops the rest. It used to a few months ago just fine thats where I got my clips from on my account, now it just stopped doing that. 

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