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Uploaded video from Raptr, but not showing up in my Profile

 I just finished uploading the video here:

However it is not showing up in my profile as being added to my list of videos on my user page.  How can I fix this?

3 people have this problem

11 months old, no answer or response and i have exactly the same issue?

How to fix it, i have uploaded 2 videos before, but since i installed the latest client, it stopped uploading my videos to Raptr, but only shared to PlaysTV?

How can i change it so it uploads the videos to both my profiles.

So far the Raptr/PlaysTV Client works perfectly with Twitter/Facebook posting and Youtube/PlaysTV uploading, but is apparently not uploading to Raptr anymore!

Also i went to and on Raptr/PlaysTV Client to try and upload them manually to my Raptr Profile, but without luck and it seems that there is no way to do that???

After years with no fix, i still have this issue, uploaded videos do not show up on dashboard or profile .

Looks like Plays TV is an abandoned project .

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