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Uploaded video from Raptr, but not showing up in my Profile

 I just finished uploading the video here:

However it is not showing up in my profile as being added to my list of videos on my user page.  How can I fix this?

3 people have this problem

After years with no fix, i still have this issue, uploaded videos do not show up on dashboard or profile .

Looks like Plays TV is an abandoned project .

11 months old, no answer or response and i have exactly the same issue?

How to fix it, i have uploaded 2 videos before, but since i installed the latest client, it stopped uploading my videos to Raptr, but only shared to PlaysTV?

How can i change it so it uploads the videos to both my profiles.

So far the Raptr/PlaysTV Client works perfectly with Twitter/Facebook posting and Youtube/PlaysTV uploading, but is apparently not uploading to Raptr anymore!

Also i went to and on Raptr/PlaysTV Client to try and upload them manually to my Raptr Profile, but without luck and it seems that there is no way to do that???

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