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So every time I use, my league of legends game randomly crashes. I get the error saying "Failed to create dump file". The crash happens 1-2 times. Most of the time whenever I recall back to base. Any solutions?  

My league game doesn't crash at all whatsoever if I don't use This is the first time I've ever seen this error. 

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For me it's on the victory/defeat screen of almost every game when is running

same here i have the SAME exact issues :'(

same here @johnyquest31

have anyone solved this problem ?

i have crashing issues too but its more of the client when i click on My Videos rather than the game. But of course still getting the crashes

@TheMiziko - Are you getting the exact same issue; "failed to create dump file"?

Typically when League is crashing it's due to a driver issue when we attempt to hook in. Have you tried:

  • Re-installing your video drivers
  • Elevating the client as Administrator
  • Checking if League of Legends or is running in Compatibility mode

Let me know the results.
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