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When replaying my video i see alot of stutter? (League of Legends)


I recently downloaded and tried it on League of Legends now when i record I have no lag whatsoever but when i end the game and want to rewatch what i've recorded it shows up like this :

I have tried reinstalling my video card drivers, trying to change the settings in league itself but nothing seems to help. I also searched the topics here but I can't find a similar issue.

Im running Windows 10 on a GeForce GTX 660 4gb

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. I'll hang on and await the update ;)

Hi There!

  This is a new issue that was introduced in the release this week. We are working to resolve it as soon as possible. Sorry about that!  Once it's fixed, this video won't be fixed though.  Only newly recorded videos will be lacking this artifacting problem.

The drivers on your system aren't the issue, it's us. 

Our bad!  Hang with us until we can get it fixed. Thanks!

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