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Black screen

I just started to use and started to record my first game in league of legends.The recording went fine but when I checked it out there is only a black screen and audio.Could you guys please help and thanks.
Sorry for bad english

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Same here :(


Estou com o MESMO problema galera!

Aqui tambem!

Hey all! I was having this same issue but turned my quality capture settings down and that seems to have resolved it. Your pc may not meet the minimum specs for recording at that resolution.

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Same problems here, i'm gonna try to turn the quality. 

@PipoTan - Typically the black screen is caused by dual-GPU laptops or AMD APU's. Mostly because it switches to another GPU before the game starts, and thus not the one we initially hooked into. This can sometimes be corrected by updating both of your video drivers and/or setting your laptop in a High Performance mode to utilize the heavier GPU at the price of spending more battery. 

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Thanks for your answer. I can't do anything about it then. Sad, but at least I know why it will never works on my computer :)
Have a nice day !

@PipoTan - Thanks for understanding! We are still working to potentially make a fix so it will work more reliably on those type of devices. Maybe we'll be able to get it working for you in the near future!

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I can still hope it will work on my laptop then ! Thank you a lot for your informations and your time ! (by the way, sorry for my english) Bye :)

I have the same issue, but the thing is that is DID work previously

just not anymore... :(

When did this start happening? 

Have you tried reinstalling video drivers?

I've got the same problem :(

@harsh109043 - I replied to your ticket and requested logs. Hopefully we'll figure it out.