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PlaysTV "lags" when I watch my records

The titel explains it all. When im done with a game and want to see them plays. it always "lags and jumps" in the record so its not even worth watching. I run at 1080p resolution, 30 fps (cant get it to 60, dunno why) and 25 mb/s

Anyone knows a reason for this?

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I got the same problem. Tried tot reinstall but the problem remains...

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I found the issue in my case. I just used my SSD instead of my normal harddisk due to the respons time etc. it was simply just because the normal hard disk wasnt fast enough

I have the same problem, how i fix it? My computer is powerful but for a reason I do not know what,the video has "lag". My friend has a worse than my computer and it does not crash : /

meu amigo tem um computador pior que o meu e o dele não trava :/

@ComicICO - Do you have a standard disk drive, or an SSD that Plays replays are recorded to?

Are you running anything that might be on that same drive (like a game) while watching the replay? used to work normally without lag in the past. Now it starts to lagg directly when the loading screen ends. I've tried to copy the files to my SSD but the lagg remains.

@pbj - Can you provide a sample copy of the video so we can see what the lag looks like?

I'm having the same problem. It's gotten progressively worse. I've always used the preset low setting even though I have a decent laptop. I have no ingame lag but when I come to the replay it looks like this:

It was a lot better a month ago. A little lag here and there but still watchable. Now, however all of my recording look like that.


That kind of looks like the results of Software Encoding. What type of GPU is in your laptop?

@Verun Intel HD


Do you know which model of Intel CPU you have in your PC? 

Core i7


Hmm okay. If I had to take a stab based on your CPU/GPU and also the results of your video, I'd say it's Software Encoding. It's basically using the CPU's power instead of your GPU's because either your GPU isn't there (usually using the CPU to generate video) or your GPU isn't powerful enough to support the technology. 

Unfortunately, the result is something along the lines of what you might see. We don't want to take any resources from the game (which would slow it down), so our final recording takes the hit instead. 

The final nail in the coffin might be, has it always looked this way since you've been using it, or did it once look/perform a lot better? (e.g. Smooth 30-60 fps)

At one point it looked fine but it started to deteriorate here. Now It's barely watchable. Any ideas on what I can do?

Ooh...that is interesting. Okay, then there is some hope yet. However, I'd like to move this over to a ticket. That way I can ask for files from your PC without it being open to the public. Would you mind making one and then posting the 5-digit ticket number here?