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Inverted/blueish colors on recorded sessions


I'm having this weird issue with (so far) 2 games.

 - Mad Max

 - Killing Floor 2

Uploaded an example:

Does anyone else have this issue?

8 people have this problem

Also have this issue in some games.

Also have this issue in Rust.

@MasajX - There is a recent bug that we're looking into resolving that might correct this color inversion. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Seems like i've been recently having this issue as well in hearthstone. My last recording that recorded correctly without the color issues was on March 24th. 

We released the 1.9.1 client earlier today. You may have to manually download it from our website. Do you want to check if it's helping with the color issue?

I just updated to the 1.9.1 client, and hearthstone is still giving me the inverted/blueish colors.

Attached a copy of DxDiag if that helps. 

(82.7 KB)

I've reinstalled the client to 1.9.1., but it has not fixed the problem.

Thanks for letting us know.

1.9.1 had a fix that should help with another type of glitchy video issue, but unfortunately it won't affect the discoloration yet. We are still heavily looking into this issue. 

@Verun Im also having this issue with just APB Reloaded that I have seen so far. 

Should I send you any info? I have opened a ticket yesterday.

Ticket number: 30302

@ABI7ITY - Version 1.9.2 released yesterday which may help resolve the issue more. Are you still getting the issue even on that version?

Looks like i'm having the same issue still, but it's just with hearthstone. All of my other games seem to record fine with no issues. 

@shadowsoze - Alright, thanks for letting me know. Have you created a ticket about this? We'd like to get logs to look more into the issue.

Right-click the Taskbar icon, select Help > Feedback. Fill out the information and make sure the checkbox is enabled. Let me know once you've posted it. Thanks!

Alright, i went ahead and submitted a ticket from the client and sent the logs. If it helps, i did try changing the resolution (i played in a windowed custom resolution while recording), but changing it to a normal fullscreen resolution (1680x1050), still is producing the same issue. 

I have been having the same problems in league of legends. Dont know how to fix it.

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