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[Feature Reqeust] Hotkey function when recording microphone


Hello, and thanks for a wonderful application so far!

I am noticing that some of my recording have some disturbing noises in the background. Is there any way that you could add an option to only record from the microphone when a certain hotkey is held? This would be amazing.


2 people have this problem

I would like to second this request for a Push-To-Talk hotkey.

This would be great to have

PLEASE. I have 2 small children, and push-to-talk is the only way I can communicate with other players without being kicked from groups. It would be amazing to have the same option for recordings as well. I was using another client to record because it allows me to set a hotkey for my mic, as well as a secondary (great for having a push-to-talk hot key for both the game itself and then my private Teamspeak, GameVox, or Mumble servers), but that client has issues with video freezing about 5 minutes in... 

I agree with this add it

Came here looking for the exact same thing seems to have the function to mute, and unmute the microphone, but to record sound from the mic only when held would be very useful. Too bad nobody from support has acknowledged this ticket, so we have no way of knowing 1. if support cares, or 2. if this feature will ever exist.

This is a basic feature that every recording program must have. Why is this taking so long?

Searched the forums for this topic, didnt want to start a new one. Instead Im posting in every thread talking about this.

Please add PTT feature to your program.


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