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Add Push to Talk?

I don't want to get the back round noise  captured on my plays... My mic isn't the best and i use push to talk all the time. It would be really great if had this feature. (:

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Yes, I was really surprised and disappointed that there is no push to talk.


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Just posting to show my interest in this as well, it's a pretty big deal to me.  We don't want that background audio interfering with out captures!

I have submitted a support ticket with this feature request as well.  Ticket ID#: 20928

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Add this feature please.

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Support ticket also submitted.

And also, make the recorded mic track into a separate channel so it's easier to edit.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback! It's always appreciated when users let us know what they would like for the client.

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Just came to support this idea. Mic stays disabled until push2talk is added.

Also a good idea. I believe that one is getting requested a lot. Either way, we appreciate it!

It is frustrating when there is a Push to mute, but not the other way around lol

Just wanted to add this would be very useful. I play with another person in the same place and often hear them over my mic when it is unwanted. Please this would be useful <3.

@Medivaccuk - I don't think we have a push to mute feature actually. 

@uSx - Glad to hear the feedback. I'll definitely bring it up.

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Yeah I'd really like this feature as most communication programs have this feature so it would be good along with the recording to what you actually want to be said 

We really could use some push-to-talk, its annoying when every video is full of breathing and coughing.

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What about those cherry MX blue keys ;) PlaysTV really needs this or mic activation like teamspeak 3.

Teamspeak 3 has a plugin system I wonder if you could plug into that to use the voice activation if someone is using Teamspeak.