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Selective sound recording

I believe there was a previous topic about this problem, but focused just on the aspect of recording from a mic on a separate track. I'd like to expand this to being able to select which applications you could record sound from. For example, if I'm in a Skype call on on Teamspeak, I don't necessarily want to be recording the conversation. Or if I'm listening to music from Youtube or Spotify, I don't want those sounds to be recorded with the game sounds. 

Just some thoughts on what I think should be an included feature on

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yeah that would be pretty awesome

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 yes i would like this to be added as well

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would be great indeed

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same problem here, it makes my recordings unusable since I don't want to (and am not always allowed to) include the teamspeak "voices"... please fix this :(

We are still very aware of the request that users are placing on selective recording for certain audio channels. Thanks for letting us know!

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Any news on this feature?

Just started using and already facing the first issue... :(

Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything yet. Sorry for the (lack of) news.

I don't understand how this isn't the basic. It should record only the game visual and audio and ask you if it should also record background noices and other programms. It makes 0 sense that this isn't the case to begin with.

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Need this option so badly! All that TeamSpeak screaming and commenting is necessary, but it ruins my Plays capturings making them useless :-(
Eu concordo! Não gosto de usar programas como o Action Mirillis, gostaria de usar o gravador da AMD assim como a Nvidia faz com o ShadowPlay!

Teamspeak is messing with my plays capturing... al the extra voices that go in it.... Need badly this options to stop that.

Right now a solution for this issue is using Virtual Audio Cable (or similar) - piece of software that lets you set up virtual audio channels/devices, meaning you can separate audio output from Skype, Chrome etc. from that of your default audio device which is what PlaysTv uses when recording (sound is still outputted to the same physical device e.g. headphones, only the digital channel is changed meaning no loss of sound and/or quality).

May sound a bit much to those who haven't played around with these sorts of things but there's tons of real simple tutorials on YouTube and around the web.

P.S. not advertising, just sharing since I too was looking for a way to separate sound :)

Yes I understand what you're pointing out here Ryan and that seems like a great workaround for this issue!! I'll try the software you suggest to 'route' all my audio channels so Plays only captures what I want it to hear. Thanks for sharing this!
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