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Is there going to be a app for iPhone? is great for linking my videos to friends only problem is when I would like to comment or read comments I need to log in, which can be a painful process due to a phone being a phone :) I hope there is an app coming out which would allow me to be notified as each video is uploaded, commented on or shared and so I can interact back as painlessly as possible Anyways love the product! Best replay system I've ever used!!

I really want an app, unless I'm sitting at my desktop (don't have a laptop so this is only when I'm at home) it takes quite a bit of work to share my videos with anyone.

I'd even settle for an app that is simply just a text file with the web-addresses of my videos.  That way I could copy-paste, then text my friends the link.

However this topic was posted over a year I'm guessing that the developers aren't planning on launching an app.  You'd think a social-media type game recording program would have an app automatically, I couldn't believe it when I found out that there wasn't one,

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I agree... I phone app would be great.
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