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After quite a few games of playing League of Legends matches and the client running normally as it should. I started custom matches with friends and the first match, it started to crash my game after champ select on load screen. I try to re connect and I will be in the game for about 5 seconds and then it crashes again every time. I thought it was because of custom matches but i went into normals and it did the same thing. i found it client was the issue because once I uninstalled the client my game worked perfectly. any other issues like this or solutions? 

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I have the same problem >_<

Same problem here, crashes as soon as loading screen ends and game starts. I tried reinstalling several times and that doesn't fix it. As soon as I close the problem goes away.

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same here, victory/defeat screen for me

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same problem in the loading initial screen, with the hd7770

For me, switching the output directory from to plays_TV fixed the problem. Not sure if it will work for anyone else though
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