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cant upload on 1080p

how to upload videos on 1080P i am rec on max settings but when upload them they uploaded on 720P any suggestion ?

I've got same problem ... Any solutions ?

Change your in-game resolution to 1920x1080 or higher. If your screen doesn't support 1920x1080, the game will look funny and it will cause problems.

I suggest recording in 720p @ 60fps and at least 30Mbps bitrate to get a good quality video. And uncheck the "Optimize for upload" option.

It records in 1080p, but once I upload it, it looks like trash.

Check to make sure that "Optimize Videos for Upload and share" is not enabled in your Preferences:

I have the same issue my monitor res is 1080 at 144hz i don't have the box checked for optimize video for upload and my ingame res is also at 1080 144 fps and maxed out recording settings.  i actually used to be able to upload in 1080 perfectly fine but one day everything changed when the fire nation attacked and it just randomly would only go up to 720.  not really sure what happened. 

@Rikaku - 

This article can help explain it a bit: PLAYS.TV FAQ LINK

To quote from it: 

"As of 6/27/2016, A change was made in that we output video resolutions in two phases:

At the time of upload, 360, 480, 720 resolutions are available as viewing options....

So if you have uploaded a video in the 1080p resolution, after uploading the video will only have a highest resolution of 720.

After 100 views are reached, the video becomes placed into a queue to get the bigger resolutions added. (The number of likes a video gets is not a factor here.) It won't happen immediately, but soon thereafter, the higher resolutions of 720H and 1080H will be shown as available resolutions."

@Verun I saw a lot of peoples had 1 view and 1080p

@miki54miki - Correct. You can upload in 1080p, it is only the High Framerate that is affected until a certain amount of views are reached. 

However, there is a slight correction needed:

Any videos that were uploaded between June 27th (first implementation) and July 5th (the correction to resolution size) will only appear in 720, unless they get the 100+ views. You may need to re-upload the video to see it in 1080p.

Hey I'm new to I basicly started yesterday and was wondering why my uploads can't reach 1080. I've tried using obviously 1080 video resolution with 60 and with 30 fps and used range from 15 to 30 bitrate but everytime when I upload my video is at 720. I also read that 720H and 1080H are avaliable after my clip reaches 100+ views which is fine. I'm using automatic settings and unchecked Optimize videos for upload and share. My monitor resolution is 1680x1050 can that be reason why my uploads can't reach 1080?

Correct. Because it's being run at a 1680x1050 resolution, it's not meeting the set limitations for 1920x1080 and thus downscales to 720.

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