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Blue/ Inverted colored recordings in all games.

 I have been experiencing blue/inverted color schemes on all of my recordings recently. any ideas?

18 people have this problem

I also have this problem. Not sure what is causing it. Only happens when i'm playing Battlefield 4.

Also have this issue in some games.

Black Ops 3 doing the same.

I want to say we have a fix coming in soon for this. 

Are you running in SLI or Crossfire?

Not OP but I'm running SLI

If it is SLI, then it should be getting corrected soon.

If you're not, I'll have to check.

@scooterprint - Thanks for all the info. Is there anything in it you want me to look at specifically?

I am only having this issue with Nvidia sli. I have not tried disabling it since i do not have an adapter to drive 3 monitored with a single card. On a side note my AMD rig, with plays TV and crossfire, black ops 3 crashes at launch. Either one disabled and it is fine.
@Verun , most of that info is completely useless, I just wanted to post it for system specs... (Slightly Overkill). I have since fixed this issue by simply reinstalling, it seemed to fix itself.


@scooterprint - No problem. Did you reinstall the application, or the game to fix the issue? Either way, we should still have a fix coming in the near future.

Well, I remember specifically one game it just stopped recording, then I reinstalled and continued as normal, but the recordings were blue/inverted. Thereafter, the issue disappeared as quickly as it came.


@scooterprint - Good to know. Let us know if it comes up again though!

is this problem fixed yet? running sli 970 gtx

@ezsence - Not yet. Unfortunately the fix for it got pushed back to next week (since there were other bug fixes we're releasing as well). Sorry for the inconvenience.

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