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Can't link CS:GO

Reading the PlaysTV website, it says I should be prompted to connect my CS:GO account when starting the game with the recording option enabled, but I get no such prompt and PlaysTV is only saving video and not getting any in-game information.

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Same problem here!

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Are you VAC Banned ?

Same problem here. The admins no answer our questions?

Hi Guys!

  There is a bug in the client linkup code right now, that prevents some users from linking up CS:GO to

The bug happens when we collect your friends list from Steam. Weird characters in display names make the link-up code fail.

The fix is complete, but it isn't out yet. The next release will have the fix for it. Look for it in 7-10 days. 

   Right now the bug doesn't prevent recording CS:GO, and you can use the bookmarks feature to mark good moments in the video. But the videos will lack pins, map names and other metadata.

  Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. 

I forgot to mention that our CS:GO implementation doesn't check account status, so VAC banning isn't a factor here.  You'd get pins in bot matches (if the bug didn't prevent you from getting pins, that is.)

my csgo still wont link


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My csgo also won't connect to csgo. Is there a fix? i read it had something to do with your friends list? 

@jayrodathome - Yeah, it should have been fixed by now though. I have responded to your ticket and requested logs.

My CSGO won't connect to The application told me to launch my game with the application open and it would link. It didn't link.

@Ziplicious - It looks like you have a CSGO account attached. Were you able to resolve this?

still isnt fixed yet

@Ctrl1337 - This issue has been fixed for quite some time. However, there can be other reasons for why your CSGO account may not be binding. I'd rather handle this in a Support Ticket for your privacy, and so I can lock this thread since it's so old. 

Here is the link on how to make a Support Ticket for your issue:

Please make sure to include as much relevant information as possible. Thank you!