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Option to record in stretched resolution

I really like the new cs go feature of the client and used it the last days a lot.

I play cs go in 1024x768 streched resolution on my 24" monitor but only records in 4x3 format with black bars. Is there a hidden option where I can toggle if the recorded video should be stretched to fullscreen?

Some video footage so you can better understand what I mean:


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I have the same question

same problem


Support never reply... They dont give a f*ck or what?

@Mine-Turtle - We recommend creating a ticket for issues rather than posting on the forum. Although the forum can help with getting the ticket seen sooner. We have a rough 7-day response time currently with our team. We apologize for the delay in all of our tickets, but it's the best we can do while still trying to get everyone.

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My ticket was answered some month ago sorry for not updating this thread.

Hi Simperdy

Sorry for the late reply. 

We currently don't have a method to stretch the video to fullscreen in order to lose the black bars. We found that most people would prefer the black bars, over stretching the aspect ratio. However, if you were to full-screen the video on a 4:3 monitor, the black bars should not be there. Let us know if you see something different. 

Ticket Reference ID: 19591 Support


Hi Simperdy

I'll place it as a Feature Request. We appreciate any feedback, thanks for letting us know!

Ticket Reference ID: 19591 Support

The thing is people don't really prefer the bars because it doesn't look good on utube. Like no real gaming utubers have the bars. They r full screen.

you can try to stretch it from sony vegase or other editing software.

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