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Basically, whenever i launch, it opens up for a little while, then the client kills itself. This happens everytime i try to launch it.

I have no idea what is causing this, since i don't have any disk space problems, and my computer is working very well.

Please help me! Thank you in advance!

I have Windows 7 64-bit if that is any help.

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Same for me... seems to start loading (scanning for games) and then crashes.

Windows 10 64-bit



Same exact problem. Any fix? Please. This is driving me insane.

@Slagenthor - Thanks for sending in your logs for the ticket. I'll be addressing it shortly!

Has this issue been resolved? Mine doesn't work either. windows 7, r9-390x

@killswitchh - Depends on why it's not opening. 

Have you sent in a ticket with logs so we can investigate?

Most of the reports of this issue are very specific.

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