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Delayed Recording

Every time I select a portion of a League of Legends clip to upload (anywhere from 15s - 1 min), it uploads several seconds past what I want in the clip.


I've had this problem since the beginning with CS:GO. Found out today that all you have to do is untick the 'Optimize video for upload and share' option, then record your clip and upload. Worked flawlessly for me.



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I have the exact same problem but apparently mine is already unticked anyway.


Alright, could be that it isn't the case then. I'll keep looking for the cause with my limited experience. What GPU do you have?


Alright. Also had mine unticked and tried to record a clip, it's all broken again.

Turned optimization on. Played a game and uploaded the clip. Worked. Could it be that I had a brainfart in my original post? Please, do try it out.


Got this answer from support: 

"They are made aware of this issue actually before I even reported it to them and we're working on a fix. This is apparently a bug happening with some recordings that are going at 60fps. If you'd like, try recording at 30 FPS and see if it does the same thing. 

We are working actively on this issue and will be fixed in the next release."

That's the current workaround. Good news on next release.

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