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Plays TV Stopped recording... Again

I just deleted all my gameplay from previous records because I didn't need them and now it stoppped automatically recording, again. This is like the 5th time this happened and al the other times it seemed to fix itself in a couple of days but I really need it now and I don't know what to do! I changed my location folders and made sure the amount I am able to record doesn't  go above the space I have i've ticked all the boxes and it's still no workin! What do I do now?

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I have replied to your ticket with a potential solution.

Verun, could you post your response here so others looking for information can be helped? 

Hmm...well I'm confused now. I typically would not respond to a 5 month old post since I don't look back that far. Looking at his ticket, I posted it 5 months ago as well, not the day I posted. The only thing I can think of is my post ended up attaching to the wrong forum post. The user here I had replied to his ticket, but he never responded to my questions. 

However, Thanory, are you having the same issue? I can start with assisting you if you need it.

Oh, sorry for the inadvertent tread necromancy. I'm still tinkering with some self support issues on my end. Then I will submit a new request.

Short version, I have had issues with the app stops a few minutes into a game or after my first clip. Sometimes when the issue happens if I tab out suddenly I have an error and the game (HotS) crashes and reopens. 

I am also having a problem with Audio not being captured but I saw in a thread that may be due to 7.1 surround. 

I am using whatever version AMD Gaming Evolved just updated with. Yall need to add an "About" tab. 

@Thanory - No issues, apparently I necro'd the thread! I play HotS fairly often with and never get any crashes. We'll probably want to get logs to see why this is happening. I assume if is closed, it does not crash?

Also, we do have an about portion :-)

Right-click task bar icon, Help > About Give the version number.

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