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I tried both version of the the installed kit and also the one from AMD Gaming evolved. It records all other games like CS:GO, ghost recon Phantoms, Mad Max etc except battlefield 4. It doesn't seem to recognize the game at all. The game is setup in DX11 and not mantle. I have BF4 in Origin not in steam if it makes any difference i added it as a non-steam game and still doesn't work even if i launch straight from AMD ATI evolve program. Does anyone know why can someone please help me :)). i have a r9 390 a i5 6600k 8 gb ddr4 and wind 7 64 bit version. 

Thank you.... :)   

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@SlavDude - I have responded to your ticket. Hopefully we'll get this figured out for you.

Same problem here, no idea what to do tho :/

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