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[Feature Request] Record/Ignore Specific Games

I love to have client open all the time. That way when I open up Counter Strike I don't have to remember to launch a separate program, I like how records it automatically. 

    Howver I would love a feature that lets me choose which games I want it to record. I really only like to use it for some games like Counter Strike. I find myself playing hours on end of a game, only to exit the game and then "delete session" because was recording the whole time. It would be nice if it only recorded when I had specific games open, but still did so automagically.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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I would absolutely love this feature as well. I play Diablo 3 and League of Legends and I want to record my League of Legends games and not my Diablo gameplay. I tend to run out of space when I play Diablo as I play for a decent amount of time at once. It would make everything easier for me if I could just have Plays.TV only record League of Legends.

Not going to lie, but I would love to have this added in because it records things I don't want to it to record. Like it records my Unity3D support and sometimes makes the program crash while I'm doing something.


@LockoutNex - If there is a program that we should not be recording at all, let us know. We can blacklist. As for feature request to not record certain programs, we're very aware and still place it in our weekly request list.

@Verun - You should not record Autodesk FBX Review

@vaelek - Probably not. Do you have the exe name for it when it's running?

@Verun absolutely, it is fbxreview.exe

@vaelek - Alright, should be black-listed. You'll need to restart the client before it takes place though. Let me know if you run across issues with it still happening though.

it also records my VirtualBox VMs, VirtualBox.exe is the .exe name

@ilgontae - I have added it to the list. Thanks!

A workaround i figured out for this is to make the directory for the game you want to block read-only in the Plays TV recordings directory.

I'm not sure wether I'm doing sth. wrong or not but when i have "Clicker Heroes.exe" open in the backround and start a League of Legends Game it keeps recording Clicker Heroes and doesn't record the League of Legends Game at all so it would be awesome if i could just blacklist Clicker Heroes.


Unfortunately, we don't have a method for specifically black-listing exes on an individual basis. 

Will it ever be possible to just record specific .exes?


Probably. Not sure if/when it'll be on the pipeline though.

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