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Can we have support for garena LoL client?

A lot of players play on this server too can we have support?

6 people have this problem


Hello, I got some problems in recording my gameplay in garena LoL client.

I have the same game path as Jeffrey 008 had :

C:\Program Files (x86)\GarenaLoLTW\GameData\Apps\LoLTW\Game

but seems it can detect it


Pls help thanks lots!!

Hello, I got problems in recording in LOL TW server.

I played in both North America server and Taiwan server but I can only record in NA server.


Has anyone done a follow up on the Garena Lol for the SG server?

These are the original file paths right?
C:\Program Files (x86)\GarenaLoL\LoLLauncher.exe

C:\Program Files (x86)\GarenaLoL\GameData\Apps\LoL\Game\League of Legends.exe


C:\Program Files (x86)\GarenaLoL\GameData\Apps\LoL\Air\LolClient.exe

u were supposed to. but i gave up. u guys tried and failed. i'd rather use OBS instead. is shit. it even freezes while recording some games. let alone it doesnt detect garena league of legends.....

hey sorry, it's been months now and we haven't heard back, is there something else we can do to help you resolve this issue?

@Verun still doesn't work :((

How do you update the client? Still doesn't work.

We just made a change to the Garena PH LoL. For those that have it, can you try seeing if that helps?

So I tried playing a custom game, then played for some time then quit. and it gives me this error.

I guess mine still isn't fixed

(161 KB)

Thanks everyone for providing all this info. From best we can tell, it should be working, so I'm going to dig deeper and see what I can find. Sorry it's taking so long, but something odd id definitely happening.

@Verun, Here's the path to the launcher

(177 KB)

@verun. here

LOLLCU is probably for the garena "Alpha client". it shouldn't be our concern. However i found this: (check 2nd Screenshot). is this the reg key for the client? not sure

(70.9 KB)
(71.8 KB)

Yup the path is correct. I tried to upload a screencap but it makes the post fail :/

Yup, the path and the registry key match.

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