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Can we have support for garena LoL client?

A lot of players play on this server too can we have support?

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We do support Garena League of Legends. Are you having issues with it?

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Hey the last time I tried it did not work. I will give it a try today.

Thanks! Let me know!

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i cant record my game on garena league of legend it seems like cant detact it,can i have some help


mine can't detect League of legends. Garena Philippines to be specific. do you have support?. says that i need to locate lol.launcher.exe but mine is lolph.launcher.exe. so raptr dont acknowledge. thanks in advance

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Thanks for providing the screenshots!

I have alerted our detection team to look into. It appears that the Garena Launcher name changed so the detection probably broke. Hopefully we should have this resolved soon. Thanks again for all your assistance in figuring this out!

no prob. please update us when you resolved this.

Verun our problems aren't solved yet. #Garena Sg server

it just cant detect the client

We should have made a change in the detection to Garena, can you check to see if it should be working?

okay. Can i try it on AMD Gaming Evolved App or just Raptr?

woah It detects my Garena LOL PH now thanks 

Either one is fine.

no it's not working Verun. It is same as before. It doesn't detect the game itself even if i add manually(where it detects and automatically records other games). It only detects as "Playing league of legends" if i run the game from Gaming evolved app(which is same as before)

Secondly, just like before it sometimes says is recording. But the result is same. the recorded videos are all black with only sound available. Check screenshots

P.S. This is Garena SG server(not PH server) and there are much more players in SG server than in PH

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