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PlaysTV wont record skype sound

For some reason the PlaysTV client wont record sound from my skype, does anyone know why?

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3 people have this problem

Which 3 people?

Does it only happen with Skype? What about sounds from games, Teamspeak, Ventrilo, etc?

What type of headset are you using?

What I meant was to add me.

I have a problem with, basically I can't record my friends making hilarious  comments while I play. It is, however, the only thing that I can't hear or record. Sound games, my voice, music and sounds from Chrome work perfectly, I don't know if it is something from skype in particular or a setting I have to fix. 

Very well could be. Do you have Skype going through another source other than where the game is being played?

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Yeah, i solved my problem desactivating the Razer Sorround Audio Controller or try to change the source of skype sound, like Verun said, the both ways worked fine to me.

@P4rcival - Glad it worked for you, and thanks for letting me know! Always good to get confirmation!

By the way, did you get your username from Ready Player One?

I have a headset which lets me control skype (communication sounds in general) seperatly, would setting skype to the main channel be the only solution? I don't want to lose this feauture just for this to work.

@Makesaeri - Currently I believe that might be the only way. However, is your game sounds and Skype coming through the same audio source? Which headset are you using?

@makesaeri Yeah my headset does that too man I was looking around for a fix. The only way i can make it work is setting my teamspeak playback to speakers, not my headset, so it makes it so all your audio comes from sound and you cant use the separate volume control, which really sucks :( i wish they would make it so it can record more than just your "speakers" 

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