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League of Legends crashes when I Alt-Tab, whilst is recording

First of all, I'm pretty happy with, finally a replay/recording program that doesn't just stop working eventually. Seems like a good program overall, thank you for that.

My only issue with so far is, when it's recording my League of Legends games, it crashes when I Alt-Tab in game. I have quit and can't just reconnect, I have to forcibly close LoL through Task Manager and re-open it.

I didn't see anyone else describing the same problem here in the forums, so I gave it a shot, maybe someone else has the same problem.

It's not a huge deal since I could just not Alt-Tab, but it's more like a habit and Alt-Tabbing fixes the bug where it changes your mouse cursor in-game and sometimes I just forget that was recording, and then it's rather annoying being thrown out of the game. 

Maybe someone has some ideas for a solution, thanks.

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try putting your resolution to Borderless fullscreen? don't know if it'll help

I think it has fixed itself, maybe there was something in an update that fixed it. Though I have also stopped alt-tabbing during a game.

I'm having this exact issue right now, anyone have any solutions?

did u found any soltuion ?

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